The ACCR database provides details of criminal court list/attendance records for all eight Australian States and Territories. As the data varies in different courts and states, please review the main website for the What information is available and FAQ pages.

The Free Names Search allows you to confirm a name is in the database. Full details of the court attendance records are only available by upgrading to a registered account and then making a payment. Fees start at $17.50 for 24 hrs access with unlimited searches. Click here to register an account.

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Enter a given name and surname in the respective fields - neither Is CaSe sensitive.

The name can be shortened if you are uncertain of the spelling - e.g. Phil instead of Philip/Phillip. If the given name or surname is reasonably uncommon, either can be searched.

It's best to initially use only one name for the given name and surname. If a surname has multiple names, use just the last part of the name, e.g. for 'Van Der Lynde', use just 'Lynde'. For names with MAC, MC, LE, LA, O', Van, etc. prefix, it's best to eliminate these letters from your search.